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  • Roberta Dobie (Sunday, January 15 12 06:32 pm EST)

    In my opinion, Mr. Moreno was a true man of honor! He never backed down from being honest and telling the truth in regards to the Longoria affair. He was always consistent with his story and never
    faltered or wavered in what he said. I would assume he was harassed for his part in this story and that is a shame.
    What a great legacy he left to his family-always stand for what is right and retain your honor!!
    Condolences to his family.

  • Kurt House (Sunday, January 15 12 12:19 pm EST)

    Oddly, it seems that one's surname determines whether or not he or she believes the lies of the Valadez film. Jesse Moreno was an exception,so we can bet he was telling the truth. The truth does not
    depend on a surname; like the famous statue of Justice, truth is blind. Thanks to this website and courageous heroes like SA Express reporter Bob Richter, Three Rivers residents Betty Reynolds and
    Jesse Moreno, the truth has emerged. I remember Jesse's effervescent smile and good attitude during our common period at Three Rivers schools, and he set a great example; he was a hero of mine, and
    although his physical body may have passed, his memory lives on in all of us who knew him; he will be sorely missed. Kurt House

  • Kurt House (Thursday, August 25 11 04:28 pm EDT)

    Is it coincidental that someone removed RD's link to this site from the TAMUCC-Facebook-Carroll website. It is almost as if the Valadez side does not want the truth out. Can you imagine that? Same
    old, same old selective editing. That the Valadez side wants the truth suppressed is now painfully obvious, if it were not before.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik (Thursday, August 25 11 10:14 am EDT)

    When my friends from HS & I got together near Christmas last year; a group of us Anglo & Hispanic talked about the Longoria affair. None of us remembered much racism after the 1st grade. A
    couple could remember siblings going to Mrs. Bomar's little school across the tracks - I could remember going there with her too. One remembered a particularly offensive bus driver who wanted her to
    sit at the back of the bus - but none of us remembered anything but good times. It is true that we were all close - but wasn't that true of all the HS classes? I had lots of Hispanic friends &
    adopted families like Alfred & Amelia's who worked for us at the theater, true...but my day was not complete without an Amelia hug. I guess I just remember TR like Jesse does.

    I really enjoyed his letter & it gave quite a bit of background that I didn't know. I hope that PBS listens.

  • Kurt House (Wednesday, August 24 11 01:30 pm EDT)

    Wow! If any doubt remained about how flagrantly false the Valadez "docudrama" is, bonafide resident/witness Jesse Moreno's letter to Valadez puts that issue to rest. Moreno is right, PBS should
    recall the DVD's and withdraw the film from any competition, unless there is a contest for who can make the worst film ever. Shame on PBS!

  • Jesse Moreno (Tuesday, August 23 11 07:47 pm EDT)

    It never ceases to amaze me that the Corpus Christi Caller Times never wants to publish any rebuttals as to what Wanda Garcia writes in their paper. It is almost shameful of them, since Wanda was
    only 3 years old at time of the Longoria Incident, since all that she writes is based on second hand knownledge from father's paper. For her information there were early pioneers in Corpus Christi
    that helped the Mexican-American children to get an education, this people did not make waves about what they were doing they were not looking for glory to their good deeds only the fact that they
    were helping someone get ahead. Not like others that make a lot of noise so that they can be recognized.

  • Kurt House (Tuesday, December 28 10 04:04 pm EST)

    Thanks so much to all of those who have given their time to try to see that the truth is available to those who care. It is obvious from the material presented in this site that "The Longoria Affair"
    was created in deception, and unfortunately this latest PBS presentation does nothing more than attempt to preserve the original lies. Shame on PBS! Kurt House, Three Rivers native

  • Jesse Moreno (Saturday, December 25 10 01:09 am EST)

    John Valadez the producer of the Longoria Affair documentary told PBS, that the reason he did not use the Floore Report in the documentary was that the report dealt more husherly on Three

    Since I have a valid Floore Report from Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Archieves in Austin, texas, I find it very to believe that a producer such as John Valadez would restort to tell a bold lie about
    why he did not use the Floore Report in Documentary. According the copy of Floore Report that I obtained from the LBJ Library,The report does not deal husherly on Three Rivers, but on the contrary it
    exposes the fact that Dr. Garcia had taken upon himself to wire the Fort worth Quartermaster Depot instructing them to ship the remains of Filex Longoria to Arlington, VA. This was the reason that
    the commander of the Fort Worth Quartermaster Depot sent Shag Floore to investigate and talk to Dr. Garcia.

    Shag Floore made contact with Mr. Peter Dunne of Dunne Funeral Home in Corpus Christi, and also a Director in the Texas Funeral Home Association upon his arrival in Corpus Christi, both men talked
    for three hours. Then Mr. Dunne made a call to Dr. Garcia, where upon Dr. Garcia told Mr. Dunne that he would talk to him on Saturday.

    Now Saturday morning, Mr. Peter Dunne was going to Three rivers to talk with Mr. Rice and Mr.Kennedy. Later Mr. Dunne met with city leaders as part of his investagation.

    Upon returning to Corpus Christi, both Mr. Peter Dunne and Shag Floore went out to see Dr. Garcia. Shag Floore told Dr. Garcia that Fort Worth Quartermaster Depot had received his wire, but that
    there was nothing that they could do other than follow the instructions from the next of kin who was the widow of Filex Longoria.During the course of the conversation Dr. Garcia asked Shag Floore for
    his suggestions on the best way to go about getting the Longoria boy returned to Three Rivers and bring about harmony on both sides.

    The truth has a way of coming out and this truth has taken 61 years to surface.

  • Cowboy (Tuesday, November 23 10 12:59 am EST)

    God Bless Betty Reynolds! Too bad Hernandez, Valadez, Ramos, etc. are not really interested in the truth. But if they are not interested in the truth, then what are they interested in? Like Johnson,
    Garcia and the others in 1949, they are still interested in using the Longoria Affair to their own selfish ends.

  • Knowsthetruth (Monday, November 15 10 03:40 pm EST)

    "The troubadour Hernandez would be purely comical were he not a deliberate imposter".......truer words have never been written...thank you for setting it straight. This man has never lived in Three
    Rivers, to represent that he is a citizen or has been a citizen is a blatant lie.

  • Richard Hudson (Monday, November 08 10 10:51 pm EST)


    John Valadez made the decision to caption me, Richard Hudson, and Santiago Hernandez as "Three Rivers" residents. When I discovered this in late August 2010, I objected by phone and by email. Valadez
    chose to caption me as "Three Rivers" anyway.

    I corrected this misrepresentation before the audience at the TAMUCC screening in Corpus. Santiago Hernandez remained silent. In other promotional statements by Valadez about the film, Santiago is
    captioned as a "local musician" in Three Rivers.

    Your friend, Hernandez, was born and raised in Corpus. He lives in a two-story home in a middle class neighborhood in Corpus. He drives 75 miles to and from work at the prison in Three Rivers. He
    does not spend his money, live, or send his children to school in Three Rivers.

    Santiago Hernandez is not and has never been a Three Rivers resident as he was captioned and portrayed in John Valadez's film.

    Don't you think it more appropriate to confront John Valadez and Santiago Hernandez about their duplicity? If you don't then maybe you should ask yourself why Valadez's and Santiago's duplicitous
    misrepresentations do not alarm you.

  • John Spivey (Monday, November 08 10 10:45 pm EST)

    In response to Ms. Garcia: Hudson was characterized by Valadez as being from Three Rivers. Hudson had told Valadez that he was born in Three Rivers and lived there as a child before his family moved
    on down to Falfurrias. This is but one of the misrepresentations by Valadez. Following the Austin screening, Valadez was questioned about the origin of the "No Mexicans or Negoes Allowed" sign that
    begins the film, for all from Three Rivers know such a thing never existed. Valadez admitted that the picture of the sign had indeed come from somewhere else. This was witnessed and documented. This
    is consistent with Valadez' statement to Hudson that it was naive to think that truth would prevail when the thing that would actually prevail is the power with which the documentary was framed. Too
    bad that truth must be the casualty of art.

    For truth, you need to find out how Three Rivers reacted to the serious football injury to Juan Diaz in the early 1950's. You also need to note that Manuel Lopez was selected "Mr. Handsome" in the
    early-to-mid 1950's by the high school, long befor it became trendy to do such a thing. You also need to discover that the coats worn by Ms. Longoria and her daughter at the Arlington burial were
    provided by Anglo ladies who taught at the West Ward school. While searching these things out, you might also ponder the question, "who performed all the Hispanic funerals in Live Oak County before
    the Affair?" Then, you can contemplate the imponderable "why would a funeral director start discrimination with a repatriated war victim?" The central thing at issue here fails the most simple tests
    of reasonableness. But...truth must be sacrificed to art or to some other greater cause.

  • Santiago Hernandez (Sunday, November 07 10 04:44 pm EST)

    10/7/10: I have reviewed Mrs. Betty Reynolds testimony pertaining to what she "heard" about the incident. According to her testimony, she was told by Mr. Grimes about a conversation Mr. Grimes had
    with Mr. Kennedy. Although it appears that Mrs. Reynolds was present in the building, she was not an "eyewitness" to the conversation between Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Longoria. I am curious as to why
    Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Grimes were not asked to participate in the legislative committee hearings. Wouldn't you think this testimony, if accurate, would have been of some importance to the committee?
    Another question: If Mrs. Longoria did not want the parents of Pvt. Longoria to be at the wake, why didn't she request to have the services in Corpus Christi, away from this so-called "family

    Frank Oltorf's personal interview conducted on August 3, 1971 (his papers were donated on April 20,1978 to the LBJ Library) states:

    "They questioned this widow, and people, and everybody they could, all the Mexicans they could. And they tried to make it appear that the only reason they wouldn't bury him in the cemetery was that
    his widow had been having friends while he was overseas, and they were afraid of some sort of fight between the family at the graveyard. This was so ridiculous. They had no testimony to prove it,

    Mr. Oltorf further goes on to state that he personally questioned Mr. Kennedy during the hearings and Mr. Kennedy states:

    "Well, some of the citizens talked to me, and they said the white people might object." This is the same statement echoed to Dr. Hector Garcia and this statement is heard again during the legislative
    committee hearings.

    Again, we are still using the "he said,""she said" method of researching and this had been proven not to be accurate.

  • mauricio (Friday, November 05 10 12:50 pm EDT)

    I have seen the longoria affair documentary film. I thought it was a great film but the thing that I didn't like is that they try to make T.M kennedy seem that it was a fair deal. Not to burie felix
    there because his fellow anglos would get upset and because he had just moved there from pittsburgh and didnt know how they would react to it if he did.

  • dwgarcia (Thursday, October 28 10 01:54 pm EDT)

    Patty and company: I read your material and it is filled with so many inaccuracies that now I have questions. Why does Richard Hudson claim to be a lifelong resident of 3 Rivers in Valadez's
    documentary, and then said in front of witnesses that he never lived in 3 Rivers. His credibility is null now. Secondly, you admitted in a letter to John Valadez, Patty, that 3 Rivers was not any
    more racist than any other south Texas small town. This is an admission that there was a racist problem in 3 Rivers. The correct statement is that Dr. Garcia asked Tom Kennedy if the Longoria's could
    use the funeral home for the Wake. Tom Kennedy refused the Longoria family the use of the funeral home for the wake because the white wouldn't lke it. So, your statements to the contrary are wrong.
    Shame on all of you for distorting the truth.

  • Patty Reagan (Monday, October 25 10 02:16 am EDT)

    In this documentary, John Valadez completely passes over and intentionally omits the most important historical facts of the whole incident. Mr. Kennedy was found not guilty of discrimination or
    un-American activities by several official investigations despite the political attempts to discredit each one.
    The documentary painted Three Rivers as the worst kind of racist town when it was no more racist than any other town in South Texas in post World War II. All this was based on the fact that Dr.
    Hector Garcia claimed Mr. Kennedy refused reburial when that was not true. No one in Three Rivers , including Mr. Kennedy, refused reburial. It was never about anything but a wake, discouraged,(not
    refused) because of a family dispute, and officially proven not to be discrimination. The Texas Historical marker, like the documentary, left out the same important Historical facts. If these facts
    had been included in the documentary, it would have changed the whole story of the civil rights movement and it's beginnings.
    These facts can be found in the majority report as presented to the 51st Congress, Texas State Archives.
    I would encourage every friend of Three Rivers to notify PBS of these and other omissions by John Valadez in his documentary before it is shown on November 9th.

  • Lloyd Hudson (Sunday, October 24 10 08:22 pm EDT)

    Journalists, activists, and politicians. A dangerous mix indeed. Even WITHOUT the true historical facts (which the people who view this documentary will not get), a clear-thinking individual would be
    hard-pressed to embrace the story of any incident that propels a politician to office, or champions the cause of an activist, or sells a story for a journalist. There is just too much bias, and
    therefore too much risk to accept the story as truth.

    Just a cursory glance at the last two years of American politics demonstrates the dishonesty, deception, and manipulation of many, many politicians and activists. And journalists? Please. They are
    largely out to sell a story and advance their recognition in the field. To heck with anyone or anything that gets in the way. Truth? "What is truth?" Who cares about truth? Votes, ratings, and
    recognition are all that matters.

    I hope others can see through the deception of the Valadez documentary, but alas, when an activist(Garcia then, Hernandez now) has a passion for a cause, he will stop at nothing to promote his cause.
    The ends will justify the means, and if someone (or an entire town,) gets run over in the process, it is merely collateral damage.

    I urge everyone to be as "wise as a serpent, and as harmless as a dove" as the effects of the release of this documentary unfold.

  • John Spivey (Sunday, October 24 10 12:11 am EDT)

    "The Longoria Afair" documentary will bring shame to PBS. John Valadez has sunk to an extraordinary low in deception and treachery. The troubadour Hernandez would be purely comical were he not a
    deliberate imposter.

    In the late 1960's, a San Antonio newspaper printed a story about the Longoria Affair and presented it in the "normal" fashion. My mother, Vesta Spivey, wrote the reporter who penned the piece and
    told him what really happened. He, an Anglo, wrote back and said he was aware of the real story but was prevented from writing it by "the powers that be." He concluded with, "Mrs. Spivey, what can I

    Fortunately, the modern internet provides a forum for all to answer the question, "What can I do?"

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik (Saturday, October 23 10 03:54 pm EDT)

    HI, Glenna (Jones) Kachtik here. I am a PBS viewer. I watch Frontline and other programs & have always considered PBS to be fair & balanced. I wonder if a letter to PBS would help to correct
    this. They may not be aware of the slanted reporting. If this guy will smear a town and cover up the real facts to paint a picture - then what can you believe?

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am really sick of spin, whitewashing, cover ups & pandering to powerful people. It is about time that people demanded just the FACTS and be left to make up
    their own minds without someone telling them what someone said. When did Americans lose the ability to listen and interpret? I am tired of tabloid garbage and ratings being the source of what we
    listen to.

    Journalists used to be our last fortress between what is spin and what is real. I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of news being part of a monopoly & journalists who should be
    impartial taking sides, & making news instead of reporting it. If it is a fact, it should be reported as such...if it is an opinion then the news people should say it is their opinion....

    I would be willing to write a letter to PBS, if you think it would be at all helpful.

    Patty Jean told me that there were 2 funerals being prepared at this same time - one was Longoria & one was my grandfather, Luke "Tex" Jones. Both my grandparents & my parents are gone now
    & I don't know of people left alive who would remember this - but I do know it is unfair to paint a town as they are trying to paint Three Rivers.