What Reynolds Dickinson Saw and Heard in the Chapel January 8, 1949!

What Betty Told PBS Producer, John Valadez, in Her Lawyer's Office in the Spring of 2009 and Why Her Testimony was OMITTED!

Hear in her own words what Betty Reynolds Dickinson told PBS film producer, John Valadez, when he interviewed her at her lawyer's office in the Spring of 2009. She stated again in this video, November 6, 2009, what she told Valadez and had it sent to him in January 2010.

For nine months, Hudson followed up by repeatedly asking Valadez if he had viewed the video. The last time was in September 2010 just before the documentary was finished. Each time Valadez informed Hudson that he had not, but would.  Just before the completion of the film, Valadez said it did not meet his video standards. Mr. Hudson said it wasn't about the video's quality, it was Betty Dickinson's critical testimony that should be included. 


Betty's testimony was omitted from the Longoria Affair documentary hiding the reason for Kennedy's decision.


Valadez's nefarious delaying tactics and his ultimately superficial reason for OMITTING her testimony is eclipsed by an even greater, covert, and self-serving reason - it changes the story he wanted to tell, the story he'd already written. BEFORE he met and heard Betty in her lawyer's office in the Spring of 2009!


Why would Valadez deliberately OMIT Betty Dickinson's testimony? Exploitation of racism for power and money is often the unspoken motivation for actions like this!




Santiago Hernandez, based on Valadez’s statement to him, wrote the following and posted it in www.mySouTex.com on Thursday, Nov 04, 2010, at 09:35 PM –

“With all due respect, Mr. Hudson,… This statement from Betty Reynolds had not been made public for my review and we already know that this statement was fabricated. You do remember the day that you, Mr. John Valadez and Betty Reynolds met and she stated that she was not aware of this incident nor was she present. She could not recall the incident, yet, this statement by Mrs. Reynolds is used as a source when in fact, her statement never happened.”





Betty Reynolds Dickinson posted a reply to Mr. Hernandez on Saturday, Nov 06 at 02:08 PM as follows:

Mr. Hernandez,

You’ve been misinformed about a meeting I had with the producer, John Valadez, and Richard Hudson. I met with them together in our lawyer’s office in George West in the Spring of 2009.

Mr. Valadez said he was doing a documentary for PBS about the Longoria affair and Mr. Hudson was helping him with the research. Mr. Valadez asked me many questions and this is what I told them:

I was in the chapel at the time of the meeting between Tommy Kennedy and Beatrice Longoria. Also present was Mr. Leroy Grimes, who often assisted Mr. Kennedy. Arrangements were being made for the burial of Felix Longoria.

The use of the funeral home for the wake was in question because of a family fight. The widow, Beatrice, asked Mr. Kennedy to exclude entry to the father and mother of the deceased soldier to the wake in the chapel. Mr. Kennedy would not agree to exclude them. Mr. Kennedy was forced to pursue other options in the best interest of the Longoria family.

Mr. Hernandez, I was born in Three Rivers, and it being such a small town at that time, I knew that Felix’s body was being returned for burial. Even though I am “white,” I felt a great sense of loss for this young life, and for his family. This was the feeling of all of Three Rivers, regardless of color.

In January, 2010, a video tape of my testimony was sent to Mr. Valadez. As of this date, I have not heard from him.

Since my witness was not included in the film, I have prepared a statement of fact and had it court notarized for future record.

As a sage once said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

May the truth prevail, is my goal.

Betty Reynolds Dickinson



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